About me

  • I am PhD student in Operations Research at the University of Toronto supervised by Prof. Timothy C.Y. Chan.
  • My research interests include optimization, matrix computations, and radiotherapy planning.
  • Currently, I endeavor to improve and automate treatment planning for external beam radiotherapy. To quote Sebastiaan Breedveld:
Each patient should receive the best treatment technically possible: not the best we could achieve.


  • December 2023: 📚 I’m going to start a direct PhD at the University of Toronto supervised by Prof. Timothy C. Y. Chan! See you in Canada!

  • September 2023: 🏆 I’ve received a national award from SBMAC for the 2nd-best undergrad research project in applied math!

  • August 2023: 🎙️ I’ve scored 29/30 in TOEFL speaking section and 107/120 overall!

  • June 2023: 🏆 For the second time, my institute has recognized me for the best undergrad research project!

  • August 2022: ✈️ Presenting at the UNESP’s Optimization Workshop in Botucatu soon!

  • July 2022: ✈️ Presenting at the EURO conference soon! See you in Finland!

  • April 2022: ✈️ Presenting at the EncBioMat meeting in Rio.